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Modern computing technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, are transforming the world and causing a paradigm shift in every aspect of human life today. One can only imagine the impact of modern computing technologies like AI in the future. As AI and other computing technologies pave the way more and more into all facets of human life, it is important to understand the impact, both positive and negative, that modern technologies can have and build technologies that align with societal values. In addition to developing technological solutions, it is of equal importance to ensure that users are technologically literate. This is because ensuring the safe use of the technology and minimizing any potential technological risk lie not just in the hands of the developer but also the users. It is for this reason that CAIR-Nepal was established in early 2023 and aims to promote scientific research and education in Nepal (but is not limited to, see FAQ).


The mission of CAIR-Nepal is to advance research in our targeted multidisciplinary research areas, as well as train students to conduct scientific research and educate the individuals about the safe use of technology and its potential risks. CAIR-Nepal primarily focuses on AI research and developing safe AI technologies to create a positive impact on society and human life. In addition, CAIR-Nepal aims to train and educate students—leaders and scientists of the next generation—as well as engage locals and policymakers to create technological awareness through its educational endeavors.

Through the collaboration of communities, students, and multidisciplinary experts from around the world, CAIR-Nepal aims to develop AI with a positive social impact.

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