Giving to CAIR-Nepal

Thank you for considering a donation to support our mission! At CAIR-Nepal, we are committed to advancing and promoting scientific research and education in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Your generous contribution is pivotal in enabling us to propel our ongoing research initiatives and educational programs forward.

Why Your Support Matters?

Advancing Research: Your contribution serves as a direct catalyst for our innovative research endeavors, which enable us to continually expand the frontiers of AI (or computer science) knowledge.

Empowering Education: By supporting us, you contribute to the growth and accessibility of educational opportunities in computer science, particularly in AI. Your contribution aids in furnishing the forthcoming cohort with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this rapidly evolving field.

Inclusivity: Your contribution significantly contributes to the promotion of inclusivity by enabling us to involve indigenous youth who may otherwise be lacking the necessary resources for AI research and education. Together, we bridge gaps and provide opportunities for those eager minds.

Support with Confidence

We acknowledge the individual's apprehension regarding the efficacy of their contribution and its utilization for a worthy cause. We strive for transparency, and therefore, we release a report of the impact made through your contributions on a yearly basis. The report is made available to all stakeholders and the general public. This will ensure accountability by allowing all of our donors to observe the tangible results of their contributions.

Discover Ways of Giving

A cash gift can be a simple, outright gift. The financial donation can be made through one of the platforms accessible via the hyperlink provided.

If you are interested in donating resources, including computers or other assets, kindly contact us at